Prophetess asked me to cut off the 12-year-old boy’s h£Δd for rituals – Man confesses

Dovi Tsidi, 26, the man accused of beheading 12-year-old Kofi Kuzagbe Tsidi on Sunday around 9:00 p.m at Mafi Dove in the Volta Region’s Central Tongu District has confessed that a Prophetess by name, Floda Ekpe asked him to bring the human head for ritual purposes.

The Battor-Aveyime Police Command has arrested the man suspected of beheading his 12-year-old relative assisting in investigations.

Residents of the town say the incident happened on Sunday evening after a drumming competition to cap off the funeral of one of their own.

Blood traces on the floor alarmed the residents who followed it thoroughly to a prayer camp of a prophetess.

They broke into the structure of the prophetess only to find the suspect with a human head.


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